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The shop in THE SHOp Almost all of THE SHOp magazine s are still available and, if you wish so, you can order them by contacting Hilary Wakeman (THE SHOp magazine) directly via Email or Phone. Autumn/Winter 2014 - The final issue of THE SHOp (a double one) NEW POEMS BY: Gary Allen, John Bennett, Gerry Boland, Eva Bourke, David Broadbridge, Martin Burke, Sam Burnside, Michael Casey, Harry Clifton, Noel Conneely, Patrick Cotter, A M Cousins, Rachel Coventry, Natalie Crick, Tim Cunningham, Siobhan Daffy, Armel Dagorn, John Daniel, Gerald Dawe, John F Deane, Ted Deppe, Susan Donnelly, Theo Dorgan, Tom Duddy, Frank Dullaghan, Marie Dullaghan, Amy Dunn, Josh Ekroy, Hilary Elfick, Diane Fahey, Maryellen Fean, Leontia Flynn, Tom French, Pat Galvin, Mary Melvin Geoghegan, William M George, Alistair Graham, Desmond…
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