John Wakeman began his career as a librarian in London and New York. He worked for some years as a freelance journalist and in 1985 co-founded with Michael Mackmin the UK poetry magazine The Rialto, which he co-edited for twelve years. Moving to Ireland, he founded THE SHOp in 1999. His latest collection is A Sea Family: New and Selected Poems (Bradshaw Book, 2005). He has published short stories, essays and reviews and given talks on RTE and the BBC. For an American publisher, he has edited major reference books on contemporary world literature and on the film directors of the world. He was a Consultant Contributor to The Encyclopaedia of Ireland.

Hilary Wakeman worked as a librarian in London and New York. She married John Wakeman in 1957 and they have had five children. For a time she was a freelance journalist in Brooklyn and later, in England, raised cows, sheep, chicken and geese on a smallholding in Norfolk. She became a Vicar and a Canon in the Church of England and then, moving to West Cork in 1996, a Rector in the Church of Ireland. Retiring in 2001, she became co-editor of THE SHOp and its designer. The most recent of her three books is Saving Christianity (Liffey Press, 2003) and she has contributes to such papers as The Irish Times, The Church Times, The Guardian and The Southern Star.

Gabriel Rosenstock, THE SHOp's Irish language advisor, is prolific as a poet, haikuist and translator. His books include the bilingual collection Bliain an Bhande/Year of the Goddess (Dedalus Press, 2007) and the spiritual diary Dialann Anama (Coisceim, 2007).

Rhiannon Shelley worked for THE SHOp as a part-time editorial assistant and proofreader. She is married to Ritchie Shelley and has one son, Cian. A prize-winning poet, she also writes on nutrition for The Examiner and The Southern Star.

Erwin Hofmann is a long time computer enthusiast and was the often desperately needed IT consultant. He designed and maintains THE SHOp's web page.

THE SHOp was designed and typeset in the Wakeman's cottage in the foothills of Mount Gabriel near Schull in West Cork, and printed by ColourBooks and later by Brunswick Press, both of Dublin.

The magazine is funded from sales, subscriptions and donations, and with grants from the Arts Councils of Ireland and Northern Ireland, Cork County Council and Foras na Gaeilge.

We are grateful to our Patrons, Friends, and Sponsors, and Donors. A list of their names appeared in each issue.

And a special thank to all the contributors who submitted their work to THE SHOp, in form of  poetry,  photos and  illustrations. Those published were:

The Poets

A.C. Bevan, A.J. Britz, Abigail Morley, Abigail A.Zammit, Adam Czerniawski, Adam Schwartzman, Adam White, Adam Wyeth, Adrianne Marcus, Adrienne Marcus, Afric McGlinchey, Aidan Hayes, Aidan Murphy, Aidan Rooney-Céspedes, Aideen Henry, Aileen Kelly, Aime Hansen, Áine Herlihy, Áine Miller, Áine Ní Mhaonaigh, Alan Brownjohn, Alan Garvey, Alan McMonagle, Alan Titley, Alana Farrell, Albert Conneely, Alex Barr, Alex Davis, Alexandre O'Neill, Alexis Lykiard, Alice Lyons, Alice O'Howell, Alice Oswald, Alice Stubbersfield, Alison Brackenbury, Allison McVety, Alwyn Marriage, Alyn Fenn, Amy Dunn, Anatoly Kudryavitsky, Andrea Porter, Andres Catalan, Andrew Elliott, Andrew Fentham, Andrew Fitzsimons, Andrew George, Andrew Jamison, Andrew Philip, Andrew Uilterhouse, Andy Brown, Angela France, Angela Howarth, Angela Leighton, Ann Dean, Ann Egan, Ann Gray, Ann Higgins, Ann Joyce, Ann Kelley, Ann Leahy, Ann P.Joyce, Ann Ryland, Ann Zell, Anna Andrukhovich, Anna Woodford, Anna Zobnina, Anne Beresford, Anne Fitzgerald, Anne Haverty, Anne MacDarby, Anne O'Connor, Annemarie Ní Churreain, Anne-Marie Fyfe, Anne Marie Kennedy, Annette Skade, Annie Deppe, Anthony Costello, Anthony Cronin, Anthony Keating, Anthony Sheridan, Anthony Nicholls, Anthony O'Neill, Anthony Thwaite, Anthony Wilson, Anton Korteweg, Antony Johae, Aoife Casby, Aonghus Fionn Ó Dálaigh Arlene Ang, Armel Dagorn, Arthur Rimbaud, Asya Shneiderman, Atar Hadan, Atar Hadari, Avid Meagher, Ayala Kingsley, Barbara A Morton, Barbara Smith, Barney Norris, Barry Butson, Bartholomew Biggs, Barty Begley, Bee Smith, Belinda Cooke, Bernadette Higgins, Bernard O'Donoghue, Bernie Ashe, Bernie Kenney, Betty Thompson, Bill Hoagland, Bill Tinley, Billy Ramsell, Blerim Kasneci, Bogusia Wardein, Breda Spaight, Brendan Kennelly, Brendan McMahon, Brian Docherty, Brian Lalor, Brian Mackey, Brian O'Flynn, Bridget Khursheed, Bruce J.James, Bruce McRae, C.K. Stead, C P Stewart, Caelainn Hogan, Caoilinn Hughes, Candy Neubert, Carol Ann Duffy, Carl Rakosi, Carol Rumens, Carole Satyamurti, Caroline Price, Carolyn Jess-Cooke, Carolyn Thompson, Cathal Ó Searcaigh, Catherine Ormell, Catherine Phil MacCarthy, Catrfona Hastings, Ceatf Nf Bheildiuin, Celeste Auge, Celia Purcell, Charles Bennett, Charles Hadfield, Charles Johnson, Charles Rammelkamp, Charles Wilkinson, Charu Suri, Cherry Smyth, Chris Agee, Chris Hardy, Chris Preddle, Chrissie Gittins, Christadoulos Makris, Christina Aguilera, Christine Broe, Christopher Churcher, Christopher Locke, Chuck Kruger, Ciaran Parkes, Claire O'Connor, Clare McCotter, Clare McDonnell, Clare Sawtell, Claude Esteban, Clem Cairns, Cliff Wedgbury, Cliona O'Connell, CM Millen, Colin O'Sullivan, Colin Pink, Colette Wittorski, Colm Breathnach, Connie Roberts, Connor McCarthy, Conor Farnan, Conor Kelly, Cora McMorrow, D.A. Prince, Damian Smyth, Dan McFadden, Daniel Daly, Daniel Hardisty, Daniel S.Irwin, Danny McFadden, Dányi Dániel Daphne Rock, Daragh Breen, Dave Lordan, David Andrew, David Broadbridge, David Butler, David Cavanagh, David Constantine, David Devitt, David Gardiner, David Grubb, David Hale, David Kerr, David Keyworth, David Lumsden, David Page, David R Morgan, David Rock, David Sowby, David Trame, David Troupes, David Wheatley, David Winter, David Winwood, Davide Trame, Dean Browne, Dean Wilson, Deborah Ballard, Deborah Moffat, Deborah Tyler-Bennett, Deirdre Brennan, Deirdre Cartmill, Deirdre Kearney, Deirdre Mellon, Denise Blake, Denise McSheehy, Denise Ryan, Derek Coyle, Derek Mahon, Dermot Bolger, Dermot J.Archer, Des Kavanagh, Des O'Sullivan, Desmond O'Grady, Dhiarmada Eabhan, Diana Muller, Diana Pooley, Diane Fahey, Diarmuid O'Keeffe, Ditta Baron Hoeber, DJ Andrew, Doireann Ní Ghriofa, Dolores Stewart, Dominic Connell, Dominic McLoughlin, Donald Sheehy, Donna Sørensen, Dorothy Molloy, Dymphna Dreyer, Dympna Dreyer, E A Gleeson, Eabhan Ní Shuileabhán, Eamon Grennan, Eamon Mag Uidhir, Eamonn Lynskey, Eamonn Wall, Edward Denniston, Edward Lee, Edward O'Dwyer, Edward Power, Edward Tynan, Edwin Morgan, Eibhlfn Nic Eaochaidh, Eibhlfs Lordan, Eithne Hand, Eileen Sheehan, Elaine Gaston, Elaine Feeney, Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin, Eleanor Hooker, Eleanor Livingstone, Elizabeth Barrett, Emily Dening, Enda Coyle­Greene, Erik Vatne, Euan Tait, Eugene Daly, Eugene O'Connell, Eugenio Montale, Eva Bourke, Evan Jones, Evelyn Hooven, Fawzia Kane, Faye Boland, Felix LeClerc, Fergal Gaynor, Fiona Curran, Floyd Skloot, Frances Cotter, Frances Thompson, Francis Harvey, François Villon, Frank C Praeger, Frank Dullaghan, Frank Farrelly, Frank Golden, Frank L.Ludwig, Frank O'Connor, Frank Redpath, Fred Beake, Fred Johnston, Fred Voss, Gabriel Fitzmaurice, Gabriel Rosenstock, Gabrielle Alioth, Gary Allen, Geoffrey O'Donoghue of Glenflesk, Geoghega Gregory, George McWhirter, George Shorten, George Szirtes, Ger Reidy, Gerald Dawe, Geraldine Finn, Geraldine Mills, Geraldine Mitchell, Geraldine Paine, Gerard Hanberry, Gerard Lee, Gerard Smyth, Gerry Boland, Gerry Murphy, Gilbert Gumbs, Giles Goodland, Gillian Somerville-Large, Gina Eddison, Giovanni Malito, Glen Grundle, Glencairn Balfour-Paul, Gill McEvoy, Gillian Somerville-Large, Goeorge Shorten, Grace Wells, Graham Allen, Graham Dawson, Gréagóir Ó Dúill, Greg Delanty, Greg Sweetnam, Gregory O'Donoghue, Gregory Warren, Gunter Grass, Gwynn Parry, Hamish Ironside, Hans-Christian Oeser, Hans-Ulrich Treichel, Harris Wood, Harry Clifton, Heidi Williamson, Helena Kelleher Kahn, Helena Nelson, Helena Pericic, Hilary Elfick, Hoffman Aipira, Holly Magill, Howard Wright, Hugh O'Donnell, Ian Duhig, Ian Harrow, Ian O'Brien, Ian Parks, Ian Pople, Ian Wild, Idris Caffrey, Imelda Maguire, Imogen O'Connor, Innocenza Istarte, Irene Evans, Ismail Kadare, Ita Leahy, Ita O'Donovan, Ivory Bruce, Ivy Alvarez, Ivy Bannister, J.James, J.P.Duane, J Stephen Rhodes, Jack Mapanje, Jacqueline Sousa, James Aitchison, James Brockway, James Conway, James Flynn, James Harpur, James Harris, James Hyde, James J.McAuley, James Lawless, James Liddy, James Manlow, James Martyn, James McAuley, James O'Sullivan, James Simmons, Jan Wagner, Janak Sapkota, Jane Clarke, Jane Griffiths, Jane Kirwan, Jane Speare, Janet Shepperson, Janet Simon, Janis Mackay, Jarred Kilmurray, Jason Monios, Jean Bleakney, Jean Curtayne, Jean O'Brien Jennie Osborne, Jennifer Grigg, Jennifer Harrington, Jennifer Johnson, Jennifer Russell, Jenny Joseph, Jenny Morris, Jenny Vuglar, Jeremiah Hamilton Twomey, Jeremy Hughes, Jerzy Czech, Jessica Colley, Jessica Ní Chuaig, Jessica Traynor, Jim Chapson, Jim Conwell, Jim Feeney, Jim Maguire, Jo McCormick, Jo Pestel, Jo Slade, Joan Dargan, Joan Jobe Smith, Joan Poulson, Jobe Smith, Jocelyne Thebault, Joe Dresner, Joe Evans, Joe Horgan, Joe Kane, John Aspinall, John Baylis Post, John Bennett, Joan Bolker, John Clarke, John Daniel, John F.Buckley, John F.Deane, John Greening, John Heath-Stubbs, John Knoepfle, John Knowles, John McAuliffe, John McGrail, John McKeown, John Mee, John Mole, John Montague, John Moriarty, John O'Donnell, John O'Malley, John Prior, John Siberry, John W.Sexton, John Wakeman, John Wall Barger, John Wedgwood Clarke, John Weston, Jonathan Harrington, Jonathan Hicks, Joseph Allen, Joseph Cummins, Joseph Hoban, Joseph Horgan, Joseph Woods, Josh Ekroy, Josh Ramsden, Joyce Herbert, Jozef Czechowitz, Julia Dale, Julia Fairlie, Julian Farmer, Julian Stannard, Julie-Ann Rowell, Julien Payan, Juliette Jooste, June-Marie Courage, K.E.Duffin, Kaarina Hollo, Karen Lee, Karen O'Connor, Karina Tynan, Kate Ashton, Kate Dempsey, Kate Gordon, Kate Miller, Kate Newman, Kate Noakes, Kate Quigley, Kathleen Brunelle, Kathleen McCracken, Kathleen McPhilemy, Kathleen Murray, Kathryn Simmonds, Katie Donovan, Katrina Naomi, Katy Giebenhain, Keith Payne, Kelly Norah Drukker, Ken Smith, Kenneth Hickey, Kerry Hardie, Kevin Bailey, Kevin Cahill, Kevin Cantwell, Kevin Conroy, Kevin Crossley-Holland, Kevin Graham, Kevin Griffin, Kevin Higgins, Kevin Kiely, Kevin Maynard, Kevin O'Shea, Khan Singh Kumar, Kieran Furey, Killian O'Donnell, Kim Stafford, Kit Fryatt, Knute Skinner, Komel Kossuth, Kornel Kossuth, K.v. Skene, Larry Stapleton, Laura McKenna. Laura Potolo, Laura Solomon, Laurence O'Dwyer, Leanne O'Sullivan, Leanne O'Sullivan, Leeanne Quinn, Leland Bardwell Leo Ferre, Leo Lavery, Leo Ryan, Leontia Flynn, Les Murray, Liam Aungier, Liam Dufty, Liam Guilar, Liam Ò Muirthile, Liam Ryan, Lidija Šimkuté, Lindsay Hodges, Lisa Gaston, Lisa Hollenbach, Lisa Steppe, Lisann Gorman, Liz Gallagher, Liz McSkeane, Liz O'Donoghue, Lorna Shaughnessy, Lorna Sherry, Lothar Luken, Louis de Paor, Louis Ivan Jones, Louis Mulcahy, LS Gógan, Lucinda Carey, Lucy Ingrams, Luigi Coppola, Luke Samuel Yates, Lys Browne, M.Nerson MacNamara, Macdara O'Looney, Macdara Woods, Madeleine Terson, Maggie Butt, Maggie Harris, Maggie O'Dwyer, Maggie Smith Hurt, Mags Storey, Mags Treanor, Máire Mhac an tSaoi, Mairfde Woods, Maitreyabandhu, Majella Cullinane, Mamie Pomeroy, Marc Harris, Marcus Smith, Margaret Galvin, Margaret Holbrook, Margaret Moore, Margaret O'Shea, Marguerite Colgar Marie Cadden, Marie Coveney, Marie Dullaghan, Marie Marshall, Marina Sánchez, Mark Doros, Mark Granier, Mark O'Flynn, Mark Roper, Mark Vennell, Mark Weston, Mark Wilson, Marks Shane, Martin Dyar, Martin Monahan, Martin Mooney, Martin T.J. Matthews, Mary Blake, Mary Branley, Mary Dempsey, Mary Durkin, Mary Ellen Fean, Mary Kay Rummel, Mary Madec, Mary Melvin Geoghegan, Mary Montague, Mary Noonan, Mary O'Donnell, Mary O'Donoghue, Mary O'Malley, Mary O'Rourke, Mary Rose Callan, Mary Turley McGrath, Mary Wight, Mary Woodward, Maryellen Fean, Matt Kirkham, Matthew Clegg Matthew Fluharty, Matthew Geden, Matthew Sweeney, Maureen Gallagher, Maureen McManus, Maurice Harmon, Mazen Makkouk, Medbh McGuckian, Meghann Plunkett, Melinda Lovell, Melissa Diem, Miceal Kearney, Michael Bartholomew-Biggs, Michael Casey, Michael Coady, Michael Curtis, Michael Davitt, Michael Dineen, Michael Farry, Michael Foley, Michael Hamburger, Michael Hartnett, Michael Joyce, Michael Kelly, Michael Laskey, Michael Longley, Michael Mackmin, Michael Massey, Michael McCarthy, Michael McKimm, Michael McLoughlin, Michael Mott, Michael O'Dea, Michael Ray, Michael Sheehan, Michael West, Mícheál Fanning, Michel Deguy Michel Martin, Michelle Hartman, Michelle O'Sullivan, Michelle Proby, Mike Barlow, Min Toh, Miriam Darlington. Monica Corish, Moya Cannon, Moyra Donaldson, Mric McGlinchey, Myra Barrs, N. Daly, Nancy Mattson, Natalie Crick, Neil Bedford, Neil Ferguson, Neil Leadbeater, Neil McCarthy, Nell Regan, Nessa O'Mahony, Niall R. Walsh, Nicholas McLachlan, Nicholas YB Wong, Nick Bridson Baker, Nicola Daly, Nicola Day, Nicola Deane, Nicola Griffin, Nigel McLoughlin, Nikos Gatsos, Nf.Shuileabhain, Noel Conneely, Noel King, Noel Monahan, Nora McGillen, Nuala Ní Chonchúir, Oliver Bernard, Oliver Dunne, Oliver Murray, Olivia Kenny, Orfhlaith Fhoighil, Orla Fay, Owen Gallagher, P.D. Lyons, Pablo Omar, Paddy Bushe, Paddy Moran, Padraic Mac'Cana, Padraig Rooney, Pamela Mary Brown, Pat Boran, Pat Galvin, Pat Jourdan, Pat Maddock, Pat Semple, Patricia Barone, Patarick Moran, Patrick Cotter, Patrick Deeley, Patrick Galvin, Patrick Hederman, Patrick Hicks, Patrick Hopkins, Patrick Moran, Patrick Semple, Patrick Walsh, Paul Birtill, Paul Durcan, Paul Groves, Paul Maddern, Paul Muldoon, Paul O'Colmain, Paul O'Prey, Paul Perry, Paul Stubbs, Paul Whyte, Paula Jennings, Peadar O'Donoghue, Peggie Gallagher, Penelope Shuttle, Penny Breen, Pete Mullineaux, Peter Bakowski, Peter Branson, Peter Carpenter, Peter Dunne, Peter Fallon, Peter Gill, Peter Knaggs, Peter Mabey, Peter Phillips, Peter Porter, Peter Redgrove, Peter Sansom, Peter van Belle, Peter Waring, Peter Wise, Phil Mc'Carthy, Philip Knox, Philip Quirke, Philip Wilson, Philippe Demeron, Phillip Hobsbaum, Phyl O'Donnell, Pol Ó Colmain, Rab Fulton, Rachel Brennan, Rachael Hegarty, Rainer Maria Rilke, Ray Givans, Rebecca Gethin, Rebecca Tamas, Regan O'Driscoll, Rene Guy Cadou, Rhiannon Shelley, Rhiannon Wakeman, Richard Cahill Richard Halperin, Richard Kemp, Richard Lambert, Richard Tillinghast, Richie McCaffery, Rip Bulkeley, Rita Ann Higgins, Rita O'Donoghue, Robert Hamberger, Robert Nazarene, Robert Nye, Robyn Rowland, Roderick Ford, Rody Gorman, Roger Caldwell, Róisín Collins, Ronald Tamplin, Roper Rhiannon, Rory Johnston, Rosanna Watt, Rose Cook, Rosemary Canavan, Rosemary Norman, Rosie Shepperd, Ross Donlon, Ross Moore, Rosy Wilson, Rowan Middleton, Rowland Anthony Corr, Roy Blackman, Roy Eales, Roy Marshall, Rutger Kopland, Ruth Carr, Ruth O'Callaghan, Ruth Silcock, Ruth Thompson, Ruth Valentine, Saint James Harris Wood, Sally Festing, Sam Gardiner, Samaine Bouinou, Samuel Menashe, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Samuel Walsh, Sandra Bunting, Sara Berkeley, Sarah Keane, Seamas Carraher, Seamus Heaney Seamus Hogan, Séamus Barra O SuillEabháin, Sean Golden, Sean Haldane, Sean Hewitt, Sean Lysaght, Seán MacMathuna, Sean Neeson, Seán Ó Tuama, Sebastian Barker, Seth Crook, Shane Martin, Sharon Murphy, Sheila Barrett, Sheila Gorman, Sheila Hamilton, Sheila Killian, Sheila Mannix, Sheila Phelan, Shelley George, Shirley Mc'Clure, Shorten K.v. Skene, Sinéad Morrissey, Siobhan Duffy, Sonya Ardan, Sophie Meehan, Stephanie Conybeare, Stephen Devereux, Stephen Hughes, Stephen Shields, Stuart Henson, Stuart Pickford, Sue Rose, Susan Eales, Susan Connolly, Susan Donnelly, Susan Maurer, Susan Millar DuMars, Susan O'Toole, Susan Wicks, T.J. Matthews, Takashi Arima, Tamar Yoseloff, Ted Deppe, Ted McCarthy, Terry J. England, Terry Jones, Theo Dorgan, Theodore Deppe, Therese Ryan, Thomas McCarthy, Tiernan Ivory, Tim Cunningham, Tim Dooley, Tim Love, Todd Swift, Tom Duddy, Tom French, Tom MacIntyre, Tom Mathews, Tony Devlin, Tony Keating, Tony Roberts, Tommy Curran, Tony Weston, Trifon Xhagjika, Uilrren Hope, Valeria Melchioretto, Valerie Lynch, Vanessa Gebbie, Vicki Husband, Vona Groarke, Wang Wei, Warren Hope, WD. Jackson, Will Johnson, Will Kemp, Will Stone, William M.George, Willem Roggeman, William Oxley, William Palmer, William Stabile, William Wall, Wilson Howard, Winifred McNulty, Winwood Saint, Wislawa Szymborska, Yuan Haowen, Yuko Adams, Zachary Wood, ZG Tomaszewski

The Artists, Illustrators and Photographers

A.C. Byrne, Adrian Duncan, Alex Barr, Alice Hoult, Alvaro Santamaria, Alyn Fenn, Ana Maria Pacheco, Ann Kelley, Anna Haenko, Anne A. Bologna, Basil Blackshaw, Ben Harvey, Beverley Gene Coraldean, Bill Doyle, Brian Lalor, Bridget O'Gorman, Christopher Churcher, Chuck Kruger, Cian Shelley, Clare Hennessy, Colin Martin, Cyprian Norwid, Dara Vallely, David Cole, Denise Hogan, Donal Greene, Duncan Macfadyen, Edwin Smith, Elli Chortara, Frank Russell, G.M.W.Atkinson, Giorgio De Chirico, Hammond Joumeaux, Harry Wakeman, Hermann Brunner, Hilary Wakeman, Howard Fritz, Hughie O'Donoghue, Ingrid Haire-Sievens, J Kastner, Jack Roberts, Jacqueline Stanley, Jan de Fouw, Janet Mullarney, Jeanette McCulloch, Jessica Lysaght, Joakim Säflund, John Minihan, John Wakeman, Julian Williams, Louise Neiland, Luis Fanti, Luke Watson, Maggie Bevan, Marie Coveney, Mary Norman, Matthew Wakeman, Maurice Henderson, Michael Coady, Michael Donald, Michael Kelly, Miriam de Burca, Moira Sweeney, Nick Bridson Baker, Norman Saunders-White, Paki Smith, Pat Connor, Paula Rego, Peadar O'Donoghue, Penias Daka, Peter Mabey, Pippa King, Robert Gibbings, Rody Treacy, Sarah Roberts, Sir Henry Raeburn, Steve Cannon, Theo Wakeman, Thomas Knowler, Tim Goulding, Tina Whelan, Tony Weston, Treasa O'Brien, Valerie Gleeson, Veronica Larsson, Wendy Dison