Joseph Allen, Dermot J. Archer, Leland Bardwell, Elizabeth Barrett, Eva Bourke, Daragh Breen, Richard Cahill, Matthew Clegg, Marguerite Colgar, Miriam Darlington, Gerald Dawe, Theodore Deppe, Mark Doris, Kieran Furey, David Gardiner, Chrissie Gittins, Seamus Heaney, Lindsay Hodges, Seamus Hogan, Joseph Horgan, Bruce J. James, Bernie Kenney, James Liddy, Thomas McCarthy, Medbh McGuckian, Gill McEvoy, John McKeown, Winifred McNulty, Robert Nye, Jean O’Brien, Nessa O’Mahony, Anthony O’Neill, Sean 6 Tuama, William Oxley, Andrew Philip, Ger Reidy, Aidan Rooney, Lorna Sherry, Lidija Simkute, K.v. Skene, Gerard Smyth, William Stabile, Erik Vatne, Jenny Vuglar, Colette Wittorski, Saint James Harris Wood and Anna Woodford
ALSO: Translations by Alan Titley of four Irish poems;
Translations from French, Irish and Italian by Fred Johnston,
Nigel McLoughlin and William Wall;
A poem in Welsh by Christine James, translated by the author and a Renku by seven poets

‘Orange Lily and Postcards’, by Alyn Fenn

by Luis Fanti, Jeanette McCulloch, Theo Wakeman and Tony Weston

Autumn/Winter 2007
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