The writer is the first Israeli to win the prestigious prize with his novel on the effects of sadness

David Grossman has won the prestigious British Man Booker Literature Prize in London this morning for his latest novel, “A horse walks into a bar”, translated into Spanish as “Great Cabaret.”

Man Booker is devoted to fiction novels by foreign authors translated into English, and among the 13 candidates in this call were the Israeli Amos Oz and the Argentine Samantha Schweblin.

The prize, worth 50,000 pounds (56,846 euros), as laid down, will be distributed equally between Grossman and the translator of his book, American Jessica Cohen.

The novel revolves around a comedian that is revealed during a night performance in a stand-up in the city of Cesárea, and through the dance between the comic and the public, begins to unravel a story Deeper that will alter the lives of members of your audience.

Nick Barley, chairman of Man Booker 2017, said through the award website that this book “sets a light on the effects of sadness, with no trace of sentimentality.”

“We were amazed at the emotional and aesthetic risks that Grossman takes: every sentence counts, every word counts in this supreme example of a writer’s art, ” Barley said.

Grossman, born in Jerusalem in 1954, began his career as a journalist and was fired from the radio for his critical coverage of Israel.

He writes literature from the seventies and is the author of works such as “The whole life”, “The child zig-zag”, “See: love”, “The book of internal grammar” …, and has been translated into more Of 40 languages.

Known for its critical stance on the Israeli occupation policy and committed to the peace process, the 63-year-old author lost his son Uri, who died in the Second Lebanon War in 2006.

The winner of the last edition of Man Booker was the South Korean writer Han Kang with his novel “The Vegetarian”, along with his translator Deborah Smith.

David Grossman wins Man Booker with ‘Great Cabaret’

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