Hoffman Aipira, Kevin Bailey, Deborah Ballard, Paul Birtill, Albert Conneely, Jerzy Czech (translated by Anatoly Kudryavitsky), Nicola Day, Hilary Elfick, Conor Farnan, Alyn Fenn, Gabriel Fitzmaurice, Margaret Galvin, Peter Gill, Ann Gray, David Grubb, Francis Harvey, Kenneth Hickey, Lisa Hollenbach, Bruce J. James, Rory Johnston, Eleanor Livingstone, Neil McCarthy, Janis Mackay, Pat Maddock, Geraldine Mills, Deborah Moffatt, Michael Mott, Gerry Murphy, Robert Nazarene, Helena Nelson, Michael O’Dea, Laurence O’Dwyer, Diarmuid O’Keeffe, Leanne O’Sullivan, Stephen Shields, Lidija Simkute, Knute Skinner, Bee Smith, Hsien Min Toh, William Wall, Saint James Harris Wood, Howard Wright
ALSO: Madge Herron Remembered, by Padraic MacCana, with four poems by Madge Herron (1915 – 2002); and seven haiku in Irish, with translations, by Gabriel Rosenstock

Textile and silkscreen print by Jeanette McCulloch

by Luis Fanti, Hammond Journeaux, Jeanette McCulloch and John Wakeman

Spring 2007
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