Patricia Byrne, Monica Corish, Daniel Daly, John Daniel, Edward Denniston, Dympna Dreyer, Hilary Elfick, Julian Farmer, Denise Garvey, Libby Hart, Bruce J James, Joan Johnston, Ilya Kaminsky, Angela Kirby, Anatoly Kudryavitsky, Anna Lewis, Michael Longley, Sean Lysaght, Terry McDonagh, Niall McGrath, Paula Meehan, David R Morgan, John O’Malley, Peter Phillips, Peter Porter, Shelley Roche-Jacques, Peter Salisbury, Kate Scott, Knute Skinner, Bee Smith, Cherry Smyth, Will Stone, Ginny Sullivan, Richard Toovey, Deborah Tyler-Bennett, William Wall, Eoghan Walls, Tony Weston, Philip Wilson, Saint James Harris Wood, Joe Yule

ALSO: Six Japanese poems translated into Irish, with back translations into English, by Gabriel Rosenstock

‘Tara Hill’ by Jeanette McCulloch

by Nick Bridson Baker, Maggie Bevan, Luis Fanti and Jeanette McCulloch

Spring 2010
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