Gary Allen, Liam Aungier, John Wall Barger, Joan Bolker, Peter Branson, Dean Browne, John F Buckley, Gerald Dawe, Ross Donlon, Joe Evans, Frank Farrelly, Owen Gallagher, Margaret Galvin, Sam Gardiner, Kevin Graham, Richard Halperin, Robert Hamberger, Fred Johnston, James Martyn Joyce, Conor Kelly, David Lumsden, Michael McCarthy, Thomas McCarthy, Allison McVety, Martin Monahan, Noel Monahan, Jason Monios, Louis Mulcahy, Diana Muller, Les Murray, Rosemary Norman, Peadar O’Donoghue, Edward O’Dwyer, Liam Ryan, Clare Sawtell, Gillian Somerville-Large, Breda Spaight, Kim Stafford, Larry Stapleton, Saint James Harris Wood, Abigail A Zammit

ALSO: two poems in Irish and English by Rody Gorman

‘Flower Cans, Paphos’ by Jacqueline Stanley

by Beverley Gene Coraldean, Anna Haenko, Hammond Journeaux and Jeanette McCulloch

Spring 2014
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