Gary Allen, Ivy Bannister, Alison Brackenbury, Kevin Cahill, Roger Caldwell, Ruth O’Callaghan, Moya Cannon, Noel Conneely, Fiona Curran, Edward Denniston, Leo Ferre, Ray Givans, Maggie Harris, Caelainn Hogan, Bruce J.James, Pat Jourdan, Kevin Kiely, Philip Knox, Ann Leahy, James Liddy, Sean Lysaght, Catherine Phil McCarthy, Michael McCarthy, Neil McCarthy, Janis Mackay, Cora Mc Morrow, Geraldine Mitchell, Kate Newman, Rosemary Norman, Robert Nye, Eugene O’Connell, Mary O’Donoghue, Regan O’Driscoll, Philip Quirke, Josh Ramsden, Padraig Rooney, Jennifer Russell, Peter Sansom, Carole Satyamurti, Cherry Smyth, Gerard Smyth, Jocelyne Thebault, Ian Wild, David Winwood, Saint James Harris Wood, and Howard Wright.
ALSO: An anonymous poem in Irish, probably 18th century, translated by Moya Cannon.

Dog Monster and Drunk Man with Wobbly Legs, by Cian Shelley.

by Penias Daka, Luis Fanti, Hammond Journeaux, Jessica Lysaght, Brian Lalor and Jeanette McCulloch.

Summer 2006
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