Kevin Conroy, Kevin Crossley-Holland, John F Deane, Tom Duddy, Frank Dullaghan, Laurence O’Dwyer, Susan Millar Du Mars, Martin Dyar, Josh Ekroy, Hilary Elfick, Andrew Fentham, Tom French, Richard Halperin, Robert Hamberger, Rachael Hegarty, Lucy Ingrams, Fred Johnston, Maitreyabandhu, Barbara A Morton, Robert Nye, Leanne O’Sullivan, Michelle O’Sullivan, Ian Pople, Billy Ramsell, Denise Ryan, Cherry Smyth, Gerard Smyth, Eamonn Wall, Grace Wells, Paul Whyte, Saint James Harris Wood, Abigail Zammit.

ALSO: An essay on Bernard O’Donoghue by Barney Norris; a poem in Irish and English by Gabriel Rosenstock; a poem by Geoffrey O’Donoghue of Glenflesk (1616?-1678), with English translation by Gabriel Rosenstock; a poem by Andres Catalan translated by himself from the Spanish of his original poem
‘Il Papa II’ by Hughie O’Donoghue

by Steve Cannon, Anna Haenko, Alice Hoult, J Kastner, Jeanette McCulloch, and Alvaro Santamaria

Summer 2012
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