David Andrew, Michael Bartholomew-Biggs, Denise Blake, Pamela Mary Brown, John Wedgwood Clarke, Susan Connolly, Luigi Coppola, Nicola Deane, Edward Denniston, Stephen Devereux, Ross Donlon, Carol Ann DuffY, Frank Dullaghan, Diane Fahey, Frank Golden, Richard Halperin, Daniel Hardisty, Aidan Hayes, Seamus Hogan, Rory Johnston, Melinda Lovell, Neil McCarthy, Ted McCarthy, Kathleen McPhilemy, Eamon Mag Uidhir, Kevin Maynard, Geraldine Mitchell, Paddy Moran, Rosemary Norman, Killian O’Donnell, Michael Ray, Tony Roberts, David Rock, Aidan Rooney, Jennifer Russell, Denis Ryan, Gerard Smyth, Jacqueline Sousa, Mary Turley-McGrath, Bogusia Wardein, Charles Wilkinson, Heidi Williamson, Peter Wise, Saint James Harris Wood, Anna Zobnina

ALSO: two works from Gabriel Rosenstock, one of them a poem in Irish and English, the other an English translation of an early 15th century Irish poem

‘Rishabadeva’ by Janet Mullarney (Aluminium, 2010)

by Anna Haenko, Kirsten Jooste, Hammond Journeaux, Jeanette McCulloch, Matthew Wakeman and Teo Wakeman

Summer 2013
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