David Broadbridge, Michael Casey, James Conway, Stephanie Conybeare, Monica Corish, Anthony Costello, JozefCzechowitz, Gerald Dawe, John F Deane, Theo Dorgan, Kelly Norah Drukker, K E Duffin, Marie Dullaghan, Mary Durkin, OrIa Fay, James Flynn, Kieran Furey, Anne­Marie Fyfe, Peggie Gallagher, Frank Golden, Sean Golden, Kevin Graham, Kevin Higgins, Bill Hoagland, Margaret Holbrook, Kaarina Hollo, Patrick Hopkins, Fred Johnston, Anne Marie Kennedy, Clare McCotter, Denise McSheehy, Ita O’Donovan, Stuart Pickford, D A Prince, Janet Shepperson, Gerard Smyth, Euan Tait, Saint James Harris Wood, Howard Wright

ALSO: a poem in Irish by Michael Davitt translated by Aidan Hayes, and another by Anselm Hollo translated by Kaarina Hollo and an essay: ‘Translating Czechowitz,’ by George Hyde and Malgorzata Sady

‘Chair with Beach Towel’ by Colin Martin

by Tim Goulding, Anna Haenko, Hammond Journeaux, Jeanette McCulloch and Teo Wakeman

Summer 2014
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