The students enrolled in Primary, Secondary and Secondary School, for the 2017/18 school year, may request, throughout the month of July, the aids called by the Department of Education of the City of Porto for the acquisition of textbooks.¬†These grants are part of a program of a collaboration of this area with the parents’ associations of students and have a budget line of 20,000 euros.¬†Until the 28th of this month of July, the deadline for requesting such aid will remain open.

For the Councilor for Education, Diana Mora, although the responsibilities of municipalities in education are few “we are aware of the great economic effort that each family unit has to make at the beginning of each new school year, so we wanted to keep these grants That we have recovered the past course and whose purpose is none other than to be able to support the families with scarce resources “.

The bases and the documentation to request such aid are available to the families in the premises of the Municipal Education Service.

The City opens the deadline for the aid to the books of the new course

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