The Catholic University of Avila (UCAV) (Spain) has edited the book El alcaudón real. The executioner of the cereal steppe in charge of the interuniversity research team Ecology and conservation of the wild fauna and flora to which belongs the professor of the UCAV Tomás Santamaría and other professors of the European University Miguel de Cervantes of Valladolid and the University of Navarra Such as Francisco Campos, Francisco Gutiérrez-Corchero and Mª Ángeles Hernández. The research group has carried out a work of capture, measurement and ringing of birds in Castile and Leon, Extremadura and Navarre.

Image result for study the ecology, genetics and management of wild shrimp populations

For the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), of which UCAV is a member, it has categorized this species as “almost threatened” in the Iberian Peninsula.

Their research has focused on the study of the ecology, genetics and management of wild populations to analyze organisms’ responses to man-made disturbances. They have participated in numerous research projects funded by public and private organizations, and are authors of a large number of scientific publications in national and international journals. To his research facet are joined a wide divulging experience on environmental issues through books, conferences, courses, exhibitions, etc.

The book is illustrated with drawings by Luisa Nunes (Instituto Politécnico de Casteo Branco, Portugal), expert draftsman and author of numerous scientific and informative publications on various aspects of nature in many countries of the world.


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With this publication, the Environmental Collection wants to continue to accommodate works from the environmental area presented by professors of recognized prestige, both from our University and from other Spanish universities.

The inter university research team Ecology and conservation of wild fauna and flora aims, in new publications, to have new scientific contributions that contribute to the knowledge and defense of the rich cultural heritage that surrounds us.

They study the ecology, genetics and management of wild shrimp populations

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